Bassnectar funds high school class on climate change as a part of #ClimateStrikeBassnectar Reflective Part 3

Bassnectar funds high school class on climate change as a part of #ClimateStrike

#ClimateStrike is spreading all over the world—as it should be. Climate change is a worldwide emergency, and generally, if one has the time to read about their favorite festivals and DJs, one should also have the time to learn how to do their part in reversing the damage we’ve done to our climate and planet.

Lorin Ashton—known best as Bassnectar—is doing his part by funding an online course on climate change. Using his nonprofit organization, Be Interactive, Bassnectar hopes this course will help overwhelmed high school teachers educate students about this threat to their future without adding to the teachers’ often excessive workload.

Malanka Riaboken of Guerilla Science designed the curriculum, and she was able to do so after Be Interactive opened applications for grants supporting pro-climate projects. Riaboken has served as an instructional designer for numerous institutions including the University of Arizona. Commenting on the newly launched online class, Riaboken explains,

“I stand by the saying that lack of education is the root of all evil. I just want science teachers to have what they need, for free, from a person who knows how to make quality academic lessons.”

This course is not the only thing Be Interactive is doing to combat the climate crisis. The organization also called upon other prominent members of the live music community to spread the word about climate change:

“We’re trying something new here,” Lia Holland, Executive Director of Be Interactive said. “In the ever-evolving Bassnectar experiment, we’re working to amplify creative and civic-minded fans. Could Bassnectar teach a course on Climate Change? No, but Malanka can, and we’re using the power of the music to enable and lift up her awesome work.”

The course is set to take four weeks to complete and is available to download here for free.

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