Cashmere Cat’s Princess Catgirl returns ‘FOR YOUR EYES ONLY’Cashmere Cat RBGH

Cashmere Cat’s Princess Catgirl returns ‘FOR YOUR EYES ONLY’

Cashmere Cat has summoned Princess Catgirl once again for the project and persona’s second single, “FOR YOUR EYES ONLY.” The new tune arrives a month after “EMOTIONS,” which introduced the upcoming album from the Nordic bass master. This new piece takes on a calmer tone, however, which only helps the sentimentality Cashmere Cat injected into the mix. Vocoded vocals from the track’s predecessor return, where they’re embedded in a bed of gentle synth progressions and subtle string elements. Slowly but surely, a cohesive album story of Princess Catgirl is beginning to fall into place.

Akin Princess Catgirl‘s inaugural single, “FOR YOUR EYES ONLY” comes with a music video further depicting the adventures of the album’s namesake protagonist. It seems the entirely of the album is slated to be an audiovisual adventure.

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