Chet Porter has returned with his first new original release in three yearsChet Porter Moonrise Credit Josh Bernstein Copy 1

Chet Porter has returned with his first new original release in three years

Chet Porter is entering a comeback era with the release of his first single in three years, “Longest Day Ever.” The track is a worthy re-entrance into the music scene, and it begs the question of whether he is back for good.

“Longest Day Ever” induces euphoria through instrumentals, indie vocals, and an explosive combination of soprano synths. The musician’s style has long been described as a mixture of Animal Collective, M83, and Porter Robinson, and this newest release only furthers this as a worthy descriptor. Porter commented to the press “Longest Day Ever”:

‘The Longest Day Ever’ feels like a good launching point for the new music. I made it in a day just randomly in my bedroom when I was supposed to be finishing other music, and I knew right away it was gonna be the first song I put out. The whole thing is actually just a demo, really. The vocals are the rough idea I recorded into my phone, I hadn’t even written anything down yet. I tried re-tracking them for real but they just didn’t have the same vibe. The song is about not caring about anything, so sonically it’s actually kind of suiting. It’s not a ‘fun care-free’ type of not caring, though. it’s more melancholy”

Porter took a break from releasing music after facing significant mental health issues that stopped him from completing the San Holo tour and hindered his creative process. After a necessary step back from touring and producing, Chet is returning to the scene refreshed and inspired, and “Longest Day Ever” is a testament to his successful recovery.

Photo credit: Josh Bernstein

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