Chris Lorenzo, PIERCE & Volt, NXSTY crown varied revamps of Boombox Cartel’s ‘NEW WIP’Boombo Cartel 1

Chris Lorenzo, PIERCE & Volt, NXSTY crown varied revamps of Boombox Cartel’s ‘NEW WIP’

Three’s company on Boombox Cartel’s collection of “NEW WIP” remixes. Chris Lorenzo, PIERCE & Volt, and NXSTY comprise the re-imaginative crowd that comes through with fresh flips of the MadeinTYO feature. The track’s hip-hop/electronic hybrid appeal saw widespread inclusion in the 2019 festival circuit during the summer season, during which the larger-than-life crossover composition proved a crowd-pleasing set addition for many producers.

Lorenzo, PIERCE & Volt, and NXSTY precipitated much of the continued momentum that Boombox Cartel first set into motion, with the former’s diverse takes that span the continuum of electronic sound. Nestled snugly inside his garage-y underground wheelhouse, Lorenzo places a house spin on Boombox’s blaring original, outfitting the single with a four-on-the-floor rhythm. PIERCE & Volt, meanwhile, bring the low-end energy on a revision that plays host to womps and dubby punches, while NXSTY provides the collection’s concluding effort, dropping an incisive pin in trap territory.

The release of NEW WIP Remixes flanks Boombox Cartel’s announcement of a short, three-date Dia de los Muertos tour, which spans October 31-November 2. Attendees can expect some ID action at the shows, which will touch down in Los Angeles, El Paso, and San Marcos. Secure tickets to the Halloween run, here.

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