Ekali strikes an emotive chord on the Wafia-assisted ‘Be Fine’Ekali Awakening Mi Vol 6 E1569587613746

Ekali strikes an emotive chord on the Wafia-assisted ‘Be Fine’

Swiftly ascending vocalist, Wafia, has momentarily put down the pen she’s been using to scribe her debut album in order to join Ekali for a poignant new production, “Be Fine.” In the past, the singer-songwriter has lent her vocals to other electronic efforts, such as Louis The Child‘s fan favorite, “Better Not.”

As in her previous features, Wafia’s voice bears a glossy purity, and in the case of this particular record, the refinement of her vocal creates a smooth contrast to the texture of Ekali’s fragmented arrangement. “Be Fine” opens with gentle, dissipating harp chords, which cascade into the drop’s ear-catching reverb.

Clean percussion, a strong undergirding beat, and the melodic shift of the song’s synth work collectively strike an exceedingly emotive string, as the lyrics tell a plaintive narrative of a romantic relationship that, once clear in its rightness for both lovers, has grown divisive. “Be Fine” follows Ekali’s previous single with Reo Cragun, “Runaway.”

Photo credit: Brandon Artis

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