Facebook’s dating service is here, but how’s it different?Facebook Video1

Facebook’s dating service is here, but how’s it different?

The first week of September, Facebook made an interesting foray into the world of online dating with the introduction of Facebook Dating. The feature, which is built into the pre-existing Facebook app, utilizes its massive social network, but also enters the dating market with a handful of unique features to make online dating safer and more comfortable.

Facebook Dating does utilize users’ network of friends, but it’s admittedly done in some surprisingly refreshing ways. As one might expect, the service will point users towards matches with people who attend similar events and post in the same groups, but also gives the option of being seen by anybody on your friends list.

Facebook Dating takes this one step further, however. Where Hinge boasts its ability to link users with people in their extended network, like those with mutual friends, Facebook Dating allows the opposite, giving its daters the power to turn off matching with friends of friends. This isn’t just useful for people looking to date outside of their social circle, but also gives anonymity to those who may not be ready to share their sexual orientation within their extended network.

Another crafty feature from Facebook Dating focuses less on match-versatility and more on dater safety. The service will enable users to open Messenger from Facebook Dating, letting them send a friend pertinent information, such as with who, when, and where they will be meeting for their date.

Although Facebook Dating uses information from one’s standard dating profile, the feature is largely separate otherwise, for instance, requiring users to create a unique dating profile, and having a completely different message box.

It’s clear that a lot of time, effort and thought went into Facebook Dating, but only time will tell if it’s a quick fling or the real deal.

Learn more about Facebook Dating here.

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