Hraach crafts bewitching remix to Mark Alow’s ‘Temple Of Time’Temple Of Time Mark Alow Hraach Remi

Hraach crafts bewitching remix to Mark Alow’s ‘Temple Of Time’

Spanish talent Mark Alow debuted on Sabo’s Sol Selectas in 2018 with Golden Tiger, an EP showing off his knack for balancing minimalism with rich, tribal accents. He was invited back a year-and-a-half later for Temple Of Time, a three-tracker bursting with melody and ethnocentric instrumentation. It seems he leans deeper and deeper into the “world beats” dance movement with each passing year.

Temple Of Time, like Golden Tiger, naturally came with a top notch re-imagination of its title track. Hraach was tasked with the job this time around, and as expected, has done well in crafting a journey of his own whilst maintaining the original’s wistful atmosphere. While Mark Alow was a bit more dynamic in his choice of instrumentals, Hraach takes a more stripped-down, hypnotic approach. Rich synths and distinctive melodic lines are arranged in a drawn-out, echoing manner, while the percussion underneath is arranged in a driving manner. Flecks of flute tremelo from “Temple Of Time’s” first iteration are folded in at opportune times to add just a hint of melancholy to the mix. It’s a yet another class remix for Hraach to add to his growing collection.

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