Is this a mirage? Flume makes a spectacle of Burning Man performanceFlume

Is this a mirage? Flume makes a spectacle of Burning Man performance

With Burning Man comes burning questions, and apparently the most pressing among them at this year’s iteration of the Nevadan festival was strewn ever-so-publicly across a fan’s totem:

“Does Flume even eat ass?”

Well, luckily for everyone involved, the future-beats producer, who built his reputation Down Under (go figure), promptly dispelled all ambiguity during his set in the desert this weekend when he, for lack of a better term, made a meal of it. A video posted to Snapchat by Flume’s girlfriend, actress Paige Elkington, was quickly deleted, but not before being captured and shared to the r/flume Reddit corner, eliciting reactions from all corners of the electronic ether. It remains unclear if the woman on the receiving end of Flume’s… generosity (depending on whom you ask) is indeed Elkington.

Earlier this year Flume released his heatedly fawned-over Hi, This is Flume mixtape, featuring originals such as “How to Build a Relationship” and “Wormhole.”

Disclaimer: Clip contains sexually explicit material. Continue to footage here.

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