James Murphy opens Daymoves, a coffee lover’s cafe in WilliamsburgLcd Soundsystem James Murphy Webster Hall

James Murphy opens Daymoves, a coffee lover’s cafe in Williamsburg

When asked what his plans were after retiring from music, James Murphy of LCD Soundystem’s unfiltered reply was “I like making coffee.” In September, fans of the indie-electronic bigwig can share their enthusiasm of all that is caffeinated at Murphy’s new café in Williamsburg New York: Daymoves.

While Daymoves’ grand opening is making headlines, the café isn’t necessarily the boisterous, attention-grabbing celebrity-run coffee shop one might expect. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Daymoves doesn’t have any signage, and to enter, guests have to walk down a thin corridor, best described as a makeshift alleyway. In short, it’s not the type of café the average person is likely to stumble upon. That’s intentional, however, as everything from the beverages to the décor and even the music played (which will be selected from Murphy’s own vinyl collection) are all designed with the intent of encouraging patrons to take some time to enjoy their coffee and just relax.  

Murphy’s first foray into food came in 2015 with the opening of The Four Horsemen, a trendy wine bar serving delicacies like skate wing roasted on the bone and pasta coperta with tomato confit. Daymoves is run by the same team and is located just next door to the now thriving Williamsburg eatery.

Daymoves is only open during the day, but the plan is to utilize the space in the evening for Nightmoves, an intimate nightclub with a custom sound system built by Murphy himself.

Daymoves opened on Sept. 19 at 295 Grand Street, Williamsburg.

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