M83 releases second single from upcoming LP, ‘Lune de Fiel’ [Watch]M83 Live Credit Fally Afani

M83 releases second single from upcoming LP, ‘Lune de Fiel’ [Watch]

After the success of Digital Shades Vol 1., released in 2007, M83 looks to deliver a sequel installment over a decade later, gearing up for the release of the Digital Shades Vol 2. LP. The second single from the album, “Lune de Fiel,” lands hot off the heels of the project’s first preview, “Temple of Sorrow.” The album’s second offering is a continued ode to the cinematic sonic tropes of 80s sci-fi films, doused in analogue synth appeal, as the cornerstone of the record’s composition begins to take shape.

“Lune de Fiel” comes with a more robust synth arrangement than its predecessor, relying on arpeggiated melodies, complex percussion, and a walking bass line. The final leg of the track teases a glimpse of an operatic concerto arrangement making for a fully-fledged narrative form.

The track looks to accompany M83’s upcoming Extrazus film, helmed by French director Bertrand Mandico. “Lune de Fiel” represents one part of Extrazus‘ narrative with a jarring black-and-white visual. Digital Shades Vol 2. LP is out in full on September 20.

Featured image: Fally Afani

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