Premiere: KOAN Sound preview forthcoming ‘Intervals Above’ EP with soothing ‘Vibrant’Koan Sound © Sarah Koury KoLAB Studios 1

Premiere: KOAN Sound preview forthcoming ‘Intervals Above’ EP with soothing ‘Vibrant’

Leading up to the release of their new EP, KOAN Sound have been steadily trickling hints of its contents to the music world. The six-track Intervals Above has seen its first three tracks—”Strident,” “Boundless,” and “Radiant,” respectively—make their way to listeners ears over the course of the past month, no doubt met with celebration to those who were eagerly anticipating follow-ups to December’s Polychrome LP.

The second-to-last track to make its way before the EP is released in full on Sept. 6 is “Vibrant,” a refreshingly soothing piece that sparkles with all its title suggests. A twinkling introduction crescendoes gradually to incorporate blissful yet minimalist percussion, steadily building more complex layers. The dreamy tone carries throughout the majority of the song, though the final two minutes usher in a slow-pulsing bassline that gives the tune a more foreboding outro. From start to finish, though, “Vibrant” fills listeners’ ears with the mystical, journey-like atmosphere they know they’ll only find in a KOAN Sound song.

The duo are kicking off the US leg of their In Parallel tour in Portland with Haywyre on Sept. 12. Find tickets to shows in Los Angeles, Austin, Denver, and more here.

Photo credit: Sarah Koury / KoLAB Studios

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