Shaq subs in for Diplo’s headlining set at Imagine FestivalShaq 2018 Billboard 1548

Shaq subs in for Diplo’s headlining set at Imagine Festival

If there’s one DJ best suited to be called off the bench in order save a festival in its 11th hour, it’s without question Diesel, aka Shaq. Mad Decent founder Diplo was scheduled to headline the first night of Atlanta’s Imagine Festival, but pulled out at the last minute. It’s safe to say that fans are in good hands, though, as Shaq has made a living on grabbing the rebound and slamming it home.

Diesel, who has been DJing for as long as he’s been playing ball, is scheduled for a 75-minute set on Friday night following mau5trap’s scalding hot REZZ. His presence alone turned heads at this year’s Tomorrowland, but it wasn’t long before he won them over with his kinetic, bass-influenced style.

“My father told me something very important—a long time ago, if somebody is going to pay money to see you, make sure you put on a good show.”

Imagine Festival starts on September 20 and features Diesel alongside an equally robust lineup including Above and Beyond, Claude Von Stroke and Louis The Child.

Photo credit: Stijn De Grauwe

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