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Sofi Tukker release vibrant EP, ‘DANCING ON THE PEOPLE’

Sofi Tukker has proved to be an explosive and talented duo since their 2016 debut EP, Soft Animals. One of the record’s tracks, “Drinkee,” would go on to receive a Grammy nomination. Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern met by happenstance at Brown University, and it was from a short jam session that the idea of Sofi Tukker was conceived.

2019 started out strong for Sofi Tukker. They released a heater collaboration with ZHU, which kicked off their R.I.P. SHAME World Tour, and dove into multiple performances at festivals and with Animal Talk Collective. The massive release of DANCING ON THE PEOPLE seems to solidify their presence at the top of the dance music genre.

Just like their performances and fashion sense, their latest EP is pure fun, uplifting, and vibrantly colorful. DANCING ON THE PEOPLE boasts six unique tracks that reflect the high energy Sofi Tukker strives to bring to fans, adoringly referred to as their “animals.” “Fantasy” and “Ringless” stand out among the six; slow and sultry, Sophie’s rich vocals drip over Tucker’s production that persuades the body to sway.

The remainder of the EP is house-infused dance tracks laced with Sophie’s passion for Brazilian culture and language. Her tasteful Portuguese vocals add an element of intrigue while also inviting listeners to lose themselves in their dance to the beat. “Playa Grande” featuring Bomba Estéreo is especially influenced by Latin music, with guitar-inspired synths reflecting a flamenco beat. “Purple Hat” serves as the EP’s lead single, and has an entrancing four-on-the-floor beat. As the song progresses, the filth gets layered on. A deep voice proclaims his presence, wearing a purple hat and cheetah pants as he demands the audience start dancing on the people. Sitting still feels like an impossible task during this particular number.

DANCING ON THE PEOPLE is a masterful, colorful, and exciting collection of songs that’s purpose is to make listeners move to their own beat. Sofi Tukker’s infectious nature carries each song and injects a sense of release and joy into the veins of their animals.

Photo credit: Maximilian Ho

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