Somnium Sound – Genesis EPSomnium

Somnium Sound – Genesis EP

Somnium Sound returns with his sophomore EP in tow. Unlike his first EP which was more of a collective of blistering dubstep, “Genesis” is a sonic trip through multiple genres as one seamless listening experience. There’s a bit of nostalgic lo-fi grit mixed in with festival sized dust ups. It’s clear he drew heavy influence from classic videogame soundtracks, using cinematic touches to build a world rather than blow out the low end. But have no fear. There’s plenty of bass to go around.

The EP’s opening track “Genesis” takes its time and eases listener’s into the EP’s second track “Maim” which comes in unassuming before Somnium blindsides you with some seriously savage bass. “Creation” and “Pantheon of Plague” keep the balance of cinematic, 8-bit synths and grinding saws in perfect harmony before “I’ll Be Okay” eases you out of 5-track record with a flurry of melodic drum & bass.

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