1788-L takes on the iconic ‘Halloween’ themeHalloween

1788-L takes on the iconic ‘Halloween’ theme

When the original “Halloween” film came out in 1978, its reoccurring theme throughout the movie quickly became one of the most recognizable parts of the Halloween season. Many decades and films later, the musical theme still packs a heavy punch. It’s been remixed countless times by artists of all musical backgrounds, but fans of the franchise seem to still enjoy seeing fresh takes on the eerie melody.

Forty-one years after the slasher film debuted, 1788-L has put his own spin on the haunting tune and filled it with thrashing wubs and pounding bass. He kicks off his iteration with chirping crickets and an introductory piano melody, quickly leading into a fast-paced build. Using a clip from the film about Michael Myers’ escape, he drops the listener into a cacophony of bass.

Happy Halloween, courtesy of 1788-L.

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