Caribou releases first track in five years: ‘Home’Caribou Thomas Neukum Mural Stamford Hill Estate By Artist Amber Elise

Caribou releases first track in five years: ‘Home’

Caribou has released his first song in five years, “Home,” via Merge. Guitar licks around a real drum beat dance alongside soulful vocals in an arrangement that dips and dives through nostalgic instrumentation sequenced in a modern hip-hop beat format.

In the press release, the Canadian artist who uses pseudonym Dan Snaith, talked about the ever-so-enticing loop that simply feels right—something all producers can relate to. Snaith reworked the original track “Home” by Gloria Barnes into a contemporary loop, and the sounds simply worked.

He also mentioned “sometimes making music feels like a process I’m in charge of… but there are other times when things just present themselves and my job is to follow their lead. It wasn’t until the circumstances of someone close to me mirrored the refrain of the original song that the track all came together.”

Caribou’s last studio album was released in 2014, Our Love. Snaith released an album in 2017 under his Daphni moniker and an EP this year, Sizzling. He also announced a Caribou tour launching in March of 2020.

Photo credit: Amber Elise

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