Crankdat releases monstrous ‘Fearworld’ EP just ahead of HalloweenCrankdat Mo Bamba Re Crank

Crankdat releases monstrous ‘Fearworld’ EP just ahead of Halloween

Crankdat is known for his ability to procure hard-hitting dubstep songs right alongside lighter crossover tracks, wielding finer elements of his harder style and welding them into delicately crafted vocal-led releases. The Ohio-based artist has just released a two-track EP titled Fearworld, just days before Halloween. The dark releases are the perfect pair of songs to get listeners in the mood for the day fine-tuned for freakishness.

If Halloween could be embodied by a track, “Horror Hour” would be the perfect releases to enlist for the job. Crankdat employs an eerie choir alongside a meticulous build until the track explodes into a monstrous drop. The main event features screeching synths, heavy bass, and shrieking vocals all of which imbue a nostalgic, gamey era of dubstep that lingers long after the song’s conclusion.

“Phantom Cry” is arrives ready to spew its dastardly delicious entrails. Crankdat twists dubstep screeches like a howling beast alongside foreboding organ emissions. Manic cackling and shrills synths ring like a bass-riddled omen.

Fearworld is out now via Get Cranked.

Photo Credit: Mike Kirschbaum

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