CRAY embodies dark pop on ‘seasons change and so do i’ EPCRAY At Hard Summer Credit Her FB

CRAY embodies dark pop on ‘seasons change and so do i’ EP

CRAY has released a seven-track EP, seasons change and so do i, trading in her DJ gear to express her indie-pop side. The personal extended play is about her evolution as an artist while turning heartbreak into self love. The Twitch gamer and producer took a big step this year, signing to Ultra Records, where this project is signed. This signing helped her work with producers Dan Whittemore, Naderi, Alex Mendoza, and Cameron Hale to bring her darkened pop vision to life, joining her on her new sonic direction.

“This EP was written over a year and half period,” CRAY said of the project in a press release. “The first half of the EP was written when I was in a relationship and was struggling with being okay and happy and the end half I wrote when the relationship ended. It’s very much like a diary and that’s why the artwork is hand made and the songs have dates next to them to explain the journey of when I wrote them.” 

She adds, “This EP is almost a story of falling out of love with someone and back into love with yourself. It’s angry, sad, hopeful and powerful. My inspiration for this is directly from my experiences and my writing, each song is personal and true to me and the writing process was emotional for me but very therapeutic as well.”

CRAY is continuing to tour and play festivals in addition to intimate seasons change and so do i showcases in Los Angeles and New York City.

Photo credit: CRAY Facebook

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