Eptic’s releases “Flesh & Blood” EP with Dillon Francis collabMCEP161 Flesh 26 Blood EP

Eptic’s releases “Flesh & Blood” EP with Dillon Francis collab

Eptic’s ‘Flesh & Blood’ EP is just the sort of high octane distorted mayhem you’d expect from the bass maestro and Monstercat Records. Following up last year’s ‘Anti-Human’ EP, he returns to form with another uninhibited display of sonic intensity. ‘Flesh & Blood’ is also the launchpad for three new tracks and is bursting with dark and driving industrial grime. He leads off with this summer’s “Power” before jumping into “Violence” a track that deftly carries the weight of its name. If synths could do physical harm this track would saw off limbs. “Beyond the Stars” changes course with an otherworldly, retro reprieve. His collab with Dillon Francis “Let It Go” makes a re-appearance just before the EP’s jarring crescendo “Undefeated” explodes into a collision of dubstep, tarp, bass and electro.