Eric Prydz completes ‘Pryda 15’ series with third installmentEric Prydz Cochella

Eric Prydz completes ‘Pryda 15’ series with third installment

Just as summer has come to an end, so has the 15th anniversary celebration of Eric Prydz‘ progressive-leaning Pryda moniker with the third and final installment of Pryda 15. The series charts his evolution under the alter ego across the past decade-and-a-half, and sees the Swedish pioneer unearthing some particularly ought out pieces from his archives for the occasion. Of course, he’s fashioned newer works for the project as well.

Pryda 15 Vol. III is essentially a dancefloor album; it clocks in at 13 tracks total. Longtime fans of the artist will immediately note some particularly sought after IDs, including “Exchange Finale,” “Bus 605,” and the much-adored “Terminal 5.” These three, along with the remaining 10 tracks comprising this behemoth record, culminate into yet another opus for Prydz, a clear master of timeless production and expert sound design. Not only are these pieces fit for the dancefloor, but they’re each a journey in themselves, taking listeners through rich, sentimental soundscapes that ultimately lead into a meditative state. Having released so many gems over these past months, it’s safe to say the producer has left us with just enough to satiate cravings until Pryda 20 arrives.

Photo Credit: Loren Wohl

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