Exclusive: Maurice West splices a myriad of styles with ‘What The F?!’Umfk18b 023

Exclusive: Maurice West splices a myriad of styles with ‘What The F?!’

It’s been difficult to get very far in the electronic space in recent years—as a producer or a fan—without hearing a version of this snarky declaration: “Bigroom house is dead.”

At just 22 years old, Dutch production prodigy, Maurice West has earnestly and methodically strived to erase all remnants of that pervasive doubt. Succeeding a mild summer interlude of West originals which followed, “In the Zone,” from this past May, the conspicuous bigroom trailblazer is formally resuming his banner campaign calendar with “What The F?!”

“What The F?!” establishes itself with a somewhat whimsical, slightly introspective vocal sample. Maurice West takes aim at spoiling any and all confines on his newest concoction. Imbuing components from a sundry of genres, like techno, trance and more, “What The F?!” is a synth-doused festival rollercoaster that comprehensively verifies that West’s path forward is prodigiously certified. From a techno-activated drop, to a rousing hybrid aftershock, “What The F?!” is yet another masterful yield from the considerable catalog that the Dutchman has assembled thus far.

“What The F?!” officially rears its head tomorrow, but it’s available exclusively on Dancing Astronaut today.

Featured image: Rukes

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