Exclusive: Morgan Page remixes deadmau5’s ‘Imaginary Friends’Morgan Page Press Shot

Exclusive: Morgan Page remixes deadmau5’s ‘Imaginary Friends’

Deadmau5 will follow his 2018 album, Where’s the Drop?, with a subsequent compilation, Here’s the Drop!, which will feature remixes that infuse electronic energy into the original orchestral singles. The Canadian producer has enlisted previous collaborator Morgan Page to try his hand at hit track “Imaginary Friends,” and the output is as high-quality as fans of both producers would expect.

The last time Page and deadmau5 teamed up resulted in a Grammy nomination for deadmau5’s remix of Morgan Page’s “The Longest Road,” and while that is a high bar to live up to, their newest release is noteworthy in its own right.

Page’s rendition of “Imaginary Friends” finds a way to totally transform that track’s energy while only subtly altering the original sound. His remix is addictive without compromising the sense of calm the track instills, but it adds a subtle bassline that heightens the BPM and sets the tone for the stellar remix.

Page is known for his ability to pick out a polarizing vocal, and he stays consistent with this by choosing humming vocal accents that carry calmer introductory notes into a light drop. Even with the dance-worthy accents Page has infused into the release, the orchestral components of the track are still present, only to be complemented by Page’s minimalist groovy additions.

Page spoke to Dancing Astronaut about his creative process behind the remix, stating, “This was one of those really fun remixes that came together quickly. I only used one stem of the original song because all the parts were in Dolby Atmos, and that creative limitation inspired the whole chopped up strings style of the remix. It was an honor to return the favor and remix deadmau5 since his mix of ‘Longest Road’ helped get my career started.”

Deadmau5’s Here’s The Drop! is out in full on Oct. 4.

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