First Look: VASSY debuts lighthearted visual for ‘Trouble’ [Watch]D

First Look: VASSY debuts lighthearted visual for ‘Trouble’ [Watch]

The visual for VASSY’s dance-pop driven “Trouble” has arrived, and as with all productions that bear the VASSY stamp, it radiates personality. The music video follows a female protagonist who encounters inconvenience at seemingly every turn, from running out of milk for her morning cereal to colliding with a passerby on the street.

“Trouble” nevertheless shapes up to be a colorful portrayal of events that go awry: the plaid pant clad star of the production animatedly dances from one unfavorable situation to the next, unphased by adversity.

 “The video is meant to be open and playful, a universal feeling that everyone can relate to.

Trouble can be anything, it’s all about the adventures in our lives and the trouble we get into that keeps it fun and exciting! The journey we see in the video embodies the blessings in disguise that we can experience.”


Pops of bright hues that feature both in the landscape and in the outfits donned by the visual’s protagonist and by VASSY herself contribute to the lighthearted spirit of the video. The production whimsically suggests that viewers adopt the sprightly resilience of the protagonist, to meet strife with smiles on their faces.

Photo credit: Chad Brady

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