Galantis submerge latest release in syrupy ‘Holy Water’Galantis Sofia Cason

Galantis submerge latest release in syrupy ‘Holy Water’

Animated anthemic records are Galantis‘ sonic superpower—one that’s as apparent as ever on their latest track, “Holy Water.” The record touts all the trappings of a Galantis production: bright, piano-driven chords that ascend in upbeat fashion in line with the cut’s vocal, inescapably catchy vocal hooks, and buoyant breakdowns with deliberate dance floor appeal.

With its original lyrical concept, “Holy Water” has a freshness to it, despite its clear constructive similarity to past Galantis releases such as “No Money,” and evergreen electronic classic, “Runaway (U & I).” The radiant new addition to Galantis’ discography is an extension of the animated sound that first ensnared streamers when the Swedish production duo initially entered the scene.

Photo credit: Sofia Carson

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