Gesaffelstein surprises fans with new EP, ‘NOVO SONIC SYSTEM’Gesafel

Gesaffelstein surprises fans with new EP, ‘NOVO SONIC SYSTEM’

Gesaffelstein is blessing fans with six brand new tracks, per a surprise announcement on his social media pages. They comprise a brand new EP, NOVO SONIC SYSTEM, which appears to be an entirely solo endeavor.

NOVO SONIC SYSTEM arrives seven months after his March’s Hyperion, his second studio album packed with all-star collaborations with The Weeknd, Pharrell Williams, and Haim. He later took the album on tour, including a notable performance at 2019 Coachella where he became the first artist to use the color Vantablack in his live show. No previews have been posted yet from the upcoming project, which has led to widespread speculation as to which stylistic direction he’ll be taking. NOVO SONIC SYSTEM will also be released through Columbia.

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