Kaskade and Mr. Tape reconvene for rousing cut, ‘Come On’

Kaskade and Mr. Tape are keeping the club burners coming with “Come On.” The entreating number is another notch in the producers’ carved-up collaborative post. To date, Kaskade and the Mr. Tape duo have hopped on a number of nuanced cuts together. In the past, they’ve showed off their creative synergy on “Fun,” “Show of Hands,” and “Can’t Be Without.”

Kaskade and Mr. Tape are back at it again, unabashed, with another blazing house number in hand. The acute assertion of “Come On”‘s lyrical hook, “My speaker on fire / I got the groove,” is an apt description of Kaskade and Mr. Tape’s style on the single. “Come On” arrives accordingly with all of the trappings of a Kaskade and Mr. Tape weekend-appropriate special: quivering bass lines, dancefloor-determined house sound, and an entreating vocal hook. It’s another climatic, club-destined offering, hand delivered by way of some of house music’s most capable craftsmen.

Photo credit: FilmMagic

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