Kaskade presents placid new installment in ‘Destinations’ series, ‘Arkade Destinations Iceland’Kaskade Live Credit Rukes

Kaskade presents placid new installment in ‘Destinations’ series, ‘Arkade Destinations Iceland’

 Arkade Destinations Iceland is sonic escapism, Kaskade style. The dual-disc compilation album arrives as the sensory appealing sequel to 2018’s inaugural installment in the Destinations concept series, Destinations: Tulum.

Built around Kaskade’s experience of “traveling the world and becoming emotionally attached to different locations,” Destinations is the producer’s effort to authentically translate the spirit and character of a specific geographic place through sound.

“I’ve developed personal relationships with the moods of different spots, and wanted to start with Tulum as it’s always lingered with me,” Kaskade said at the time of Destinations: Tulum’s release. “I hope with the compilation…I can bring back the feeling of being in Tulum…[the] experience of sitting on the beach and walking through the town.”

Now, just a little more than a year later, Kaskade invites streamers on an Icelandic adventure sound tracked by Lipless, Blue Noir, MR TAPE, Finnstagram, LoKii, and more. The 27 Arkade Destinations Iceland inclusions transition with imperceptible ease. The fluidity with which the album so seamlessly glides from one production to the next is due in part to Kaskade’s maintenance of a down- to mid-tempo arrangement across the cuts that cohesively constitute Arkade Destinations Iceland.

Fingers brush against the metallic strings of guitars on many of the constituting tracks; these riffs are but one of the tactile elements that figure on the album that add texture. Tonally placid in its overall makeup, the compilation album captures the wintery personality of Iceland with an icy authenticity.

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Photo credit: Rukes

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