Madeon confirms ‘Good Faith’ date with compilation of teasersMadeon Photo Cred Diego Andrade

Madeon confirms ‘Good Faith’ date with compilation of teasers

Madeon finally set a dateā€”for Good Faith, that is. The French producer’s sophomore LP will reportedly arrive November 15. The news comes by way of a minute-long video the producer posted on his Twitter earlier today, which also gives fans a bit of aural insight into what’s to come. The video blends clips of Madeon dually in the studio and out and about in nature before it takes a twist into a pink and green multi-colored universe. The video certainly gives fans something to long for alongside the on-deck music scoring the clip in two different halves.

Madeon has released three singles from the album so far with “All My Friends,” “Dream Dream Dream,” and most recently, “Be Fine.” As the full album release draws nearer, fans can only hope that the acclaimed producer will continue to tease more information and music in the time between.

Photo Credit: Diego Andrade

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