Mat Zo chills with galvanizing intricacy on ‘Emotion Sickness’Mat Zo Press Photo E1552406771509

Mat Zo chills with galvanizing intricacy on ‘Emotion Sickness’

Undeniably one of the most dynamic producers to mark his lasting influence on the scene, Mat Zo returns to his drum ‘n’ bass roots with his latest release, “Emotion Sickness.” Although the Mad Zoo label head has kept relatively quiet under his beloved drum ‘n’ bass moniker MRSA—most recently resurfacing with a VIP of 2017 single, “Bio Weapon” via Noisia‘s Invisible imprint—the newest track arrives under his main pseudonym. pointing to an expanding experimental palette. Effectively exploring diverging branches of genres and mastering the complex sound designs that accompany each, Zo links with Bassrush Records to deliver an auditory whirlwind for the senses on “Emotion Sickness”.

Perforated by relentless drum lines and texturized with shape-shifting synth pads, the track brings forth a mind-melting amalgamation in the form of warped soundscapes and synapse-firing energy. Haunting harmonic progressions ease into reverberating bass-induced layers that gradually trickle into a metronomic chaos of percussion and syncopated top lines. In the spaces left unmarked by frenzy, Zo fills the interludes with enchanting melodies of equally galvanizing energy and succeeds in proliferating the 7:23 minute-track with intoxicating momentum.

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