Matt Fax mashes up old and new ‘The Longest Road To The Ground’MattFa

Matt Fax mashes up old and new ‘The Longest Road To The Ground’

It has been over a decade since Morgan Page released “The Longest Road,” which many argue is the single that catapulted him into electronic notoriety. Deadmau5‘ rendition of the original ultimately scored both artists a Grammy nomination, and the release has since amassed hundreds of remixes.

Matt Fax went a different route for his take on the anthem, mashing it up with his own piece, “To The Ground” to create an enamoring result, “The Longest Road To The Ground.” In blending both releases together, Fax adds his own house grooves Lyssie’s sultry vocals, along with subtle chimes in the background. Fax’s take on the release subtly alters the original version of “The Longest Road” when it comes to the song’s energy and emphasis on vocals, but he does transform the production backdrop to give the final product a new edge.

Fax spoke about the single’s background in its official release, stating, “This version came to life in a hotel in Japan before a gig,” Fax explains. “I was playing around with the acapella and put it on my track ‘To The Ground’, then played it. People loved it so much that I’ve kept on playing it in every set. I felt it was matching so perfectly!”

“The Longest Road To The Ground” is out now via Armada Music.

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