Minimizing the MDMA comedown: insights from a psychotherapistMDMA

Minimizing the MDMA comedown: insights from a psychotherapist

MDMA, the commonly predominate drug found in ecstasy, may not be the traditionally believed culprit for the harsh comedowns often associated with it, according to Dr. Ben Sessa, a psychotherapist and clinical researcher who has spent years studying the drug’s effects on the human psyche. In a series of tweets, Dr. Sessa argued that the post-roll depression actually stems from a mixture of “sleep loss, excessive exercise and concomitant drug use,” insisting that pure MDMA should instead leave users with an “afterglow.”

Dr. Sessa then went on to suggest dosage amounts and intervals for a safer recreational experience.

The best way to minimize harm from recreational drugs, nonetheless, is to exercise caution: understanding the risks and gaining knowledge about what specific substances the user is dealing with, by having them tested through a harm reduction organization. Further, it’s important to note that the dosages suggested by Dr. Sessa are based on tests done with MDMA with 99% purity.

For more information on the psychotherapeutic applications of MDMA, especially in regards to trauma and PTSD, see Dr. Sessa’s Ted Talk below.

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