Otira serves 808 action on ‘Soundboy Burnin”Screen Shot 2019 10 21 At 6.38.59 PM

Otira serves 808 action on ‘Soundboy Burnin”

Otira may be a fresh face in the electronic context, but he’s no novice. The newcomer flexes his sonic capability with Soundboy Burnin’, a four-cut project with an eclectic framework that comprises UK hardcore, breakbeat, and jungle. Acid inflection, techno, and breakbeat threads weave the EP’s constituting tracks together, all while deepening the eccentricity that defines Soundboy Burnin‘.

Racing, stuttering rhythms and rigorous 808 action create a sense of sonic chaos that Otira cohesively controls from start to finish. Out now via Dim Mak, Soundboy Burnin’ illustrates that Otira’s preeminence as a bass magistrate isn’t just well within reach—it’s in the making.

Photo credit: Otira/Instagram

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