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Petit Biscuit hops on a rare remix of Flume’s ‘Rushing Back’

At 15 years old, producer Petit Biscuit wrote “Sunset Lover,” his biggest single to date, spurring a quick rise to fame that lead to the release of his debut album, Presence, on his 18th birthday. In 2019, the Frenchman not only had the opportunity to collaborate with English singer/songwriter JP Cooper, but is also the latest to hop on a Flume remix.

As many Biscuit fans know, this is somewhat of a delicacy, being that he rarely hops on the remix train. However, he describes this as “a dream come true.”

For the Australian producer’s latest single “Rushing Back,” Petit Biscuit maintains a mellow tempo and is able to display Vera Blue’s participation in a whole new light. Drawing out her vocals on the opening verse, the remix quickly flips into a combination of deep synths, pitched vocals, and steady electronic drum hits. He’s is able to spin Flume’s catchy leads into some feel-good melodies for the late night drive.

In a recent Facebook post, Petit Biscuit announced that he’ll be “taking a break from social medias,” but eased fans in announcing that he’s finally finished his second studio album. This will likely feature his latest single “We Were Young” with a lot more in the works.

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