Said the Sky and Dabin reform their ‘Dab The Sky’ collective on new joint, ‘Hero’EFUyrpnUEAA8so

Said the Sky and Dabin reform their ‘Dab The Sky’ collective on new joint, ‘Hero’

Fans in attendance of Said the Sky, Dabin and Illenium‘s grandiose sold-out Madison Square Garden spectacle were in for a real treat during the show’s opening performance. “Dab The Sky,” Dabin and Said the Sky’s collaborative pairing, debuted a new joint effort for fans fortunate enough to be within the historic New York complex. Following a malfunction with Said the Sky’s production setup, Dabin abruptly joined his longtime friend for an impromptu back-to-back performance where they crowd-tested their yet-to-be-released collaboration. Less than a month later, “Hero” has been given the green light as the second formal release from the Dab The Sky duo, following “Superstar” from last summer.

Calling upon a gripping vocal backing from Olivver The Kid, “Hero” promptly testifies to the thematic sounds that have propelled both Said The Sky and Dabin into the center of mainstream dance music. Trademark ethereal acoustic leads tied in with an otherworldly melodic bass chorus check off every box in the expeditiously soaring sub-genre of “sad boi anthems.” As Said The Sky and Dabin continue their touring circuit beside Illenium, “Hero” will undoubtedly endure as a fixture in their live sets and optimistically not the last output from Dab The Sky in the near future.

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