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So Dope shares gritty hip-hop/electronic hybrid, ‘Catch Me Now’ [Stream]

New York native So Dope remains hot on the pursuit of a sonic legacy, the likes of which he continues to build cut by cut. So Dope takes his next constructive step towards this long-term musical objective with “Catch Me Now.” The successor to July’s ‘come for me,’ So Dope’s latest expounds upon the hip-hop/trap hybrid foundation that the producer laid on his earlier single.

Whereas ‘come for me’ featured Atlanta’s own Xzaye, “Catch Me Now” recruits ascendant rapper, Gavin the Hotrod, whose name aptly foreshadows the verbal firepower that he will bring to the track. Bass kicks with rigor at “Catch Me Now’s” punchy, trap-flavored break downs. Dubstep influence is also audible in the gritty character of these drops. They slice through the downtempo background beat that undergirds the verses with a sharp sense of ease to mark another So Dope production replete with horsepower.

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