Spotify launches two new personalized playlists based on most-played tracksSpotify Image Playlist Repeat Rewind On Repeat

Spotify launches two new personalized playlists based on most-played tracks

Spotify is capitalizing on personalized playlists curated for listeners with its latest addition of two new playlists: On Repeat and Repeat Rewind. Like their titles imply, the playlists compile songs that users have replayed the most. On Repeat and Repeat Rewind join a growing list of Spotify’s personalized playlists—a top-selling feature that users love and competitors have replicated in their own models. YouTube Music rolled out its own Discovery Mix playlist on Sept. 21. Similarly, Apple Music has its personalized mix, My New Music Mix, for its users as well.

On Repeat focuses on users’ most-played tracks over the past 30 days and auto-updates with more time spent listening on Spotify. Repeat Rewind does the same, but on songs users loved playing more than a month ago. The two complementary playlists are not genre-specific and do not overlap with each other. Both playlists allow users to revisit their favorite songs over different periods of time and update every five days.

Users can access their unique On Repeat and Repeat Rewind playlists in the “Made for You” or the “Uniquely Yours” section of the Spotify app. Spotify’s other personalized playlists include Discover Weekly, Release Radar, Your Summer Rewind, Your Daily Drive, and more.

H/T: TechCrunch

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