Subtronics talks about his latest ‘Wooked On Tronics’ EPSUBTRONICS SNAILS

Subtronics talks about his latest ‘Wooked On Tronics’ EP

Subtronics released his new EP, Wooked On Tronics, after demolishing the dino-infested Prehistoric Paradox stage at Lost Lands over the weekend. The five-track project, including a collaboration with Moody Good, is yet another continuation of a year filled with milestones for the Philadelphia producer. From collaborations with Rusko, Ganja White Night, Snails, and his festival torcher “Griztronics,” with GRiZ, the budding DJ makes another stamp with a more solo project of gritty wubs and hefty percussion. With tantalizing high-ends through haunting ambiance, the tracks combine elements that contrast Subtronics’ complex, infectious melodies with careful crafted bass music sound design.

Subtronics told Dancing Astronaut:

WOOKED ON TRONICS is two things to me: a very specific and curtailed DJ set that contains the style I listen to in my spare time (outside of angry heavy dubstep), coupled with my chance to share other music I’m extremely passionate about with the rest of the world (besides quarter note dubstep). The EP is all of my unreleased songs that fit in line with that idea. They are the tracks written NOT in hopes of making some headbanging dance floor banger, but songs that I let myself get completely creative with and took off the restraints of, “you’re supposed to do this and that because that’s what some particular crowd likes.

I did absolutely whatever the F*CK I wanted to do with these tracks. What I strive for is to innovate and pioneer new things, new ideas or new sounds — anything that contributes to something that has truly not been done before. Obviously, that’s going to be a massive stretch, but this is my best attempt at reaching that (probably) impossible goal, and I really hope everyone appreciates it and can get down with that. These tracks sound more like me than anything else, they are the most current evolution of my sound and will continue to push away from the norm.”

Photo credit: Trauma Shoots

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