Tame Impala confirms new album, ‘The Slow Rush’Tame Impala AAP Rocky

Tame Impala confirms new album, ‘The Slow Rush’

Tame Impala (namely Kevin Parker) has announced the group’s newest and fourth studio album, The Slow Rush, due in 2020. The LP will be Tame Impala’s first album in more than four years—superseding their critically acclaimed 2015 LP, Currents. Since then, Tame Impala’s visionary, Parker, has worked on a variety of collaborative endeavors including projects with Travis Scott, ZHU, Lady Gaga, as well as securing appearances on Saturday Night Live and the Coachella roster.

The Australian psychedelic superpower returned with its first solo release since Currents earlier this year, “Patience,” arriving with unannounced grandeur. The band soon followed up with a second single, “Borderline.”

Tame Impala initially hinted at a full-length project with a cryptic clip of frontman Parker in the studio earlier this week on the official website. A longer teaser video made its way to the band’s Instagram overnight, revealing the forthcoming album’s title and release date. The teaser also contained snippets of Parker working on presumably new music from the LP, alongside tour footage from this year’s show dates.

It’s unclear whether or not singles “Patience” and “Borderline” will appear on the album’s official track list.

Photo Credit: Burak Cingi

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