Tinlicker deliver debut artist album, ‘This Is Not Our Universe’Tinlicker Press Photo By Meesterwerk Photography

Tinlicker deliver debut artist album, ‘This Is Not Our Universe’

Navigating their eclectic progressive sound, Tinlicker continue to establish themselves as an Anjunabeats household name with the release of their debut artist album, This Is Not Our Universe. Backed by industry heavyweights like Pete Tong, Above & Beyond, deadmau5, and Armin van Buuren, the duo has quickly gained recognition with singles like “Nothing Without You” and “Because You Move Me” that showcase their bold mix of progressive, trance, and deep house elements.

The 13-track This Is Not Our Universe encompasses three singles—Tinlicker’s rework of alt-J classic “Breezeblocks,” “Lost,” and “Need You” with frequent collaborator Thomas Oliver. With features from various vocalists including Run Rivers on both “Lost” and “Vanishing” and Belle Doran, the album manifests Tinlicker’s artistic exploration into a diversity of sonic colors as portrayed on each track. The contrast between the relatively downbeat deep house territory on “Vanishing,” “Close Your Eyes,” and “Lullaby” and highly progressive builds on “The Walk,” “Birdfeeder,” and “Neko” testify to the Anjunabeats duo’s dynamism. However, the juxtaposition in tonal qualities between tracks does not take away from the overall connecting Tinlicker voice evident in the LP.

“This is actually our first album together,” the duo stated in a press release. “Our characters are quite different. This album is the result of those two different characters and the tension that arises in the search for the balance between the two of us. It is, as it were, a collection of ingredients with which we show that we are happy with the differences between them. The album also represents diversity. Many tracks on the album have the same character but are still different from each other. A nice reflection of how we are as people.”

Photo credit: Meesterwerk Photography

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