Tropix takes on Leah Kate’s ‘WTF’ in tropically infused flip [Stream]DPT 9217

Tropix takes on Leah Kate’s ‘WTF’ in tropically infused flip [Stream]

In response to romantic mystification, Leah Kate said, “WTF?” The result was a pop effort that, from the sing-a-long appeal of its vocal hooks to its fluid midtempo gait, epitomized easy listening. “WTF” newly gets the Tropix treatment in a tropically infused remix that makes a pop-electronic hybrid out of Kate’s original. 

Tropix told Dancing Astronaut that Kate’s “abstract vocal progressions and layers” immediately caught his attention. “When I first heard the chorus I knew I had to get my hands on the stems to remix it because I knew that with the right Tropix sounds and elements, it could turn into an emotional electronic track that would be perfect for any environment,” he added.

Tropix’s alterations add depth to “WTF.” Piano chords placed at the beginning of the song strengthen its sonic backbone. The beat meanwhile maintains its buoyancy, but noticeably gains a few layers in Tropix’s re-imagination. The breezy breakdowns are an undeniable highlight of Tropix’s remix.

Tropix masterfully manipulates the chords present on Kate’s original to craft undulating, tonally complementing drops. The producer takes “WTF” to the ‘Tropix’ for a warm revision.

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