Zedd says he’s banned from China for liking a South Park tweetZedd Press Photo

Zedd says he’s banned from China for liking a South Park tweet

Zedd reported this week that the Chinese embassy has banned him from entering and thereby performing in the country, noting his liking of a South Park tweet as the source of the controversy.

The hit Comedy Central animated cartoon and cultural satire phenomenon was recently placed in hot water with the Chinese government after the show’s “Band In China” episode, of which the central theme was Chinese authoritarian censorship. South Park was subsequently wiped from the Chinese internet entirely.

The Chinese Twitter disdain thickens, as Daryl Morey, the Houston Rockets General Manager, last week posted a since-deleted pro-Hong Kong resistance tweet in contention with the Chinese government. The Chinese telecommunications company, Tencent, then announced they will hereby not be airing Rockets basketball games as a result. Similarly, according to the Wall Street Journal‘s report, a Marriott worker was last year fired from his job for liking a Tibetan separatist’s tweet on behalf of the company’s Twitter account.

Yesterday, Zedd maintained via Instagram that his claims are of the utmost sincerity—though no visual evidence has yet to materialize from his camp to confirm. Dancing Astronaut reached out to Zedd’s team to validate the reports, but representatives have yet to comment.

“Just to clarify. This is NOT a joke. The government informed our promoters that if they don’t cancel my scheduled shows in China they would pull their cultural permits,” writes Zedd.

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