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A Bee Gees biopic is on the way

The Bee Gees’ musical legacy is stayin’ alive. Bohemian Rhapsody producer, Graham King, Paramount Pictures, and Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Partners production company have secured rights to produce a biopic about the group, who assembled in the late 1950’s, going on to win five Grammy Awards, as well as a menagerie of lifetime achievement awards, including Rock ‘n’ Roll and Grammy’s Hall of Fame inductions.

With the proper rights now in place, King, Paramount, and Amblin will team up in bringing the biopic to fruition; though they have yet to name a director, screenwriter, or actors. Amblin’s involvement with the project represents a triumph for Spielberg in particular. The film maven has reportedly been trying to set a Bee Gees biopic in motion for more than a decade. Spielberg previously attempted to arrange a deal for the biopic with DreamWorks, but failed to secure rights from Barry Gibb, the group’s solitary surviving member. A projected release date has not yet been set.

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