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A-Trak explains how he made ‘Heads Will Roll’ for remix’s 10th anniversary

A-Trak‘s lauded remix of “Heads Will Roll” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs is celebrating is 10th anniversary, and as such, the producer took the time to make a video for fans outlining the creative process behind it.

In a short YouTube clip, the Canadian producer talks over a screen recording of his beat lab while showing the progression the song took to its final form.

In addition to explaining how the song was made, A-Trak also gave an anecdote as to why the project was so special for the artist. In a tweet, he remembers seeing the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and immediately wanting to get his hands on their version of “Heads Will Roll.” He reached out to band asking to remix it—a process that typically happens the other way around.

After a few long months of working on the track while touring, the label Interscope rejected the release. It wasn’t until the remix circulated and gained popularity that the label eventually asked to release it. A year later, A-Trak’s version of “Heads Will Roll” ended up in the climax scene of the comedic film, “Project X.” From then on, the song was cemented in greatness.

Photo credit: @A-Trak/Facebook

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