Au5 is back with gorgeous four-track EP, ‘Dusk’Au5 Fb E1551551442994

Au5 is back with gorgeous four-track EP, ‘Dusk’

Hailing from New Jersey, Austin Collins (Au5) is a frequent Monstercat-associated artist with a dedicated fanbase built around his beautiful soundscapes. He’s soared through 2019 with multiple releases, festival appearances, and even a feature on Andrew Huang’s “Four Producers Flip the Same Sample” YouTube series. As November draws to a close, he’s blessed us with a brand new four-track EP featuring rising star Nori.

Dusk opens with “Sunset,” an energetic and feel-good tune exquisitely complemented by the talented vocals of Nori. “Dusk,” after which the EP is named, takes a step back, relinquishing some of the prior energy in favor of warm, soothing chords partnered with infectious vocals. Au5’s exceptional production pairs perfectly with Nori’s voice, creating an immersive experience that ought to be heard in its entirety from start to finish.

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