Burial materializes on HyperSwim compilation with ‘Old Tape’Burial Header Press E1601601703844

Burial materializes on HyperSwim compilation with ‘Old Tape’

By Burial’s reclusive standards, he’s had quite a prolific year. In June, he released his first EP in two years, Claustro / State Forest. A few months later Burial came together with The Bug under their moniker Flame 2 to release the Fog/Shrine EP. Now, he’s back with his fifth track of the year.

“Old Tape” is an eight-minute downtempo track complete with nuanced vocal samples and subtle record clicks (as any proper old tape should have). It comes packaged with the HyperSwim compilation, Adult Swim’s homage to the 15th anniversary of the South London-based label, Hyperdub. Hyperdub’s cast of artists came together to create 19 original tracks for the compilation. HyperSwim covers a wide array of genres, ranging from IDM (intelligent dance music) to juke, and beyond.

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