Cashmere Cat cancels Princess Catgirl tourCashmere Cat Credit Kyle Gustafson

Cashmere Cat cancels Princess Catgirl tour

Prior to its scheduled beginning, Cashmere Cat has canceled his nationwide Princess Catgirl tour. According to his tweet announcing the cancellation, problems with the live production and putting on a quality show are to blame for the cancellation. However, Cashmere Cat will still perform his scheduled New York and Los Angeles shows.

Cashmere Cat’s latest album is a bright and innovative concept album centering around the character of Princess Catgirl. The album’s roll out included videos for the tracks “For Your Eyes Only” and “Emotions,” which were each his most visually ambitious works to date. In a recent Reddit AMA, Cashmere Cat described his creation of the Princess Catgirl character:

I started having strange ideas of this character maybe 2 or 3 years ago?? it seemed so impossible and far away.. like it could never be real… but then we worked on it forever and brought her to life.. now I feel a lot more confident that I can imagine something and make it real… I think Catgirl will be part of cc forever.

Photo credit: Kyle Gustafson, The Washington Post

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