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Different Heaven returns with vocal-centric new single, ‘History Of Us’

The traditional trappings of a breakup song hold no weight in Different Heaven‘s musical context. Those seeking the melancholy melodies and languid arrangements of a typical sonic chronicle of love lost won’t find either in Different Heaven’s latest, “History Of Us.”

The single’s title is telling: “History Of Us” is romantically backward glancing. Lyrically retrospective, the song’s verses recount the slow dissolution of a relationship and the distance that ensued. As with “History Of Us” predecessor, “Strangers,” “History Of Us” challenges the conventions of a breakup cut chiefly in its production.

Rather than situate “History Of Us” in lower tonal depths to play up the poignancy of the lyrical narrative, Different Heaven allows the track’s emotive collection of chords to sanguinely rise. They race upward, arching and breaking down into animated, synth reliant, future bass leaning drops. Different Heaven’s electronic styling of the single puts the sweet in the bittersweet story of “History Of Us.”

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