Dirty South drops seductive new single, ‘All I Need’ [Stream]Scmf17b 047

Dirty South drops seductive new single, ‘All I Need’ [Stream]

At its core, dance music has always been simple. Behind the effects, the sound design, and all the different layers are a concise beat and an uncomplicated message. The goal of these two elements? To make people move and feel simultaneously.

That goal is exactly what Dirty South accomplished yet again on his latest single, “All I Need,” featuring Marion Amira on vocals. After decades of evolving his sound, Dirty South is still currently enjoying his place in progressive house territory, and this one is a fine addition to his body of work.

Beginning with a reverberant guitar splash supported by pads constructed from Amira’s vocals, the track enjoys a markedly organic feel from beginning to end. The slight changes that occur throughout are prominent enough to be felt, but subtle enough not to be noticed leaving the listener fully engaged with the simple, relatable message.

Photo credit: Rukes

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