Exclusive: FIGHT CLVB craft city roving audiovisual experience in ‘Booty Funk’ music video [Watch]FCPRESS 10

Exclusive: FIGHT CLVB craft city roving audiovisual experience in ‘Booty Funk’ music video [Watch]

FIGHT CLVB pay homage to the metropolitan personality of downtown Philadelphia in the accompanying visual for RVMBLE IN THE JVNGLE inclusion, “Booty Funk.” Stylistically, “Booty Funk” extends the audiovisual aesthetic that FIGHT CLVB instituted on “Booty Funk’s” predecessor, “Big Mood.”

Whereas “Big Mood” organically foregrounded—and celebrated—the cultural diversity of its New York setting through the multitude of different faces shown therein, “Booty Funk” does so largely within the City of Brotherly Love. Spatially roving, the production transitions between the Philadelphia landscape that is home to “Booty Funk’s” featured vocalist, Bok Nero, to FIGHT CLVB’s own “stomping grounds” in Brooklyn, New York.

We felt it was appropriate to continue the approach of the first video for the second single…this time, we switched up [the setting]. We showcase the gritty yet beautifully vibrant aesthetic of downtown Philly.

[The video] builds on the concept of a 16mm home movie that switches back and forth from his hometown to our stomping grounds in Brooklyn, New York.


Bok Nero charismatically delivers his galvanizing verses as the camera pans from one high spirited scene to the next. The sultry pulse of the bass line beats away, sound tracking these focal fluxes as those who appear alongside Nero and FIGHT CLVB enthusiastically dance, showing off their own idiosyncratic definitions of ‘booty funk.’

FIGHT CLVB appropriately call the “Booty Funk” music video the “direct sequel” to its sister production, “Big Mood.” Both environmentally exploratory efforts lucidly embrace the heart and humanity of concrete jungles across state lines with authenticity and imagination.

Although FIGHT CLVB will not formally release the music video until November 7, fans can watch the visual ahead of debut, exclusively on Dancing Astronaut. Streamers can also listen to FIGHT CLVB’s LP, RVMBLE IN THE JVNGLE, here.

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