Exclusive: Oscar Olivo’s ‘You & I’ is a dulcet vocal-centric endeavorOSCARR 2

Exclusive: Oscar Olivo’s ‘You & I’ is a dulcet vocal-centric endeavor

With “You & I,” Oscar Olivo extends an invitation to listeners: drift away with the swelling melodies of his ambient new production. To press play is to slip into a laidback sort of sonic escapism. With each second of Olivo’s single, streamers are further immersed in its warm, rolling chords and its euphonic flow. It’s a fantasy of synchronous elements that streamers can endlessly relive, just with the activation of the replay button.

Being in Los Angeles has its way of bringing incredible talents into your life in the most serendipitous of ways. I met Chateau in the elevator of an apartment building; we instantly connected musically.


 Rustic guitar riffs add texture to Olivo’s tuneful effort; unimposing piano notes deepen the dynamic character of the cut. “You & I’s” vocal contribution, sourced from featured artist, Chateau, is a complementary soprano punctuation to Olivo’s arrangement.

‘You & I’ combines elements of nostalgia and hope, which I believe are the best ingredients for a song that touches your heart. Chateau & I have been in the electronic dance music field for many years.

Given that we’ve both had a great run to date, we [can focus on] bringing [dance music back] to its roots; Some great chords, great melodies, great lyrics, and a good vibe—we think ‘You & I’ accomplishes that.


“You & I” follows Olivo’s Jonathan Hoyle-assisted single, “Give Me A Sign,” released in August. The tenured producer’s catalog lays claim to no shortage of lulling original productions. 2018 notably saw the release of Olivo’s debut LP, Chapter 23, and another is forthcoming: Olivo is currently at work on his second studio album, SANGRE LATINA.

“You & I” will formally release on November 22, but streamers can preview the single early exclusively on Dancing Astronaut.

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